Our Processes


Hand Silvering

A very old process made almost obsolete by stock mirrors. We produce antiqued mirrors which require hand silvering and hand finishing.


Back Painted Glass

Back painted glass panels are toughened and are therefore both safe and heat resistant and have a reflective nature that adds a feeling of depth, light and space to any wall.



From 3mm to 50mm, and angles from 4º to 45º. We can make shallow bevels, like Vauxhall bevels which are almost invisible to the naked eye, to a very sharply defined bevel.


UV Bonding

This is a process we use to bond two or more pieces of glass together using a special adhesive cured only by ultraviolet light.


Digital Printing

Transferring images, patterns or text seamlessly to the surface of flat glass.

Toughened Laminated doors and screens with fabric interlayer and crystal handles - Hamstead 2009


A type of safety glass consisting of two or more panels predominately of glass, with a wide array of fabric and material inter layers that can be used.


Eglomise & Gilding

The traditional application by hand of precious metals in various ways to the surface of glass.


Sand Blasting

A technique of etching glass from all over coverage to shapes and designs, which can be applied to produce a lightly etched finish through to heavily sculpted relief.



Using our state of the art straight line edging machine, we can polish flat glass from 3mm to 19mm thick.



Hand scribing intricate cuts of glass to follow any defined shape.


Brilliant Cutting

A traditional process using rotating wheels to carve and manipulate patterns into glass.

Curved Glass

Using a combination of heating glass and specially designed moulds we can create curved glass with no optical distortion.