Wow Pivot Door: Satin Gold

Antique Gold Leaf.
Rear Wall:
Light Antique mirror.

Display Wall

001 Bronze/gold antique leaf.

002 Bronze broken smooth.

003 Bronze chequered silver.

004 Gold antique (speckled).

005 Silver reeded bevel.

006 Reverse silver spectrum moonstone.

007 Clear fabric lam with mirror border.

008 Clear moonstone.

009 Clear 10mm Chequered.

010 Clear 12mm triple bevelled both sides.

011 Copper Antique Leaf Wide Reeded.

012 Polished Copper Leaf.

013 Blue Crumpled.

014 Blue Antique Leaf.

015 Blue moonstone silver.

016 Sapphire Lam Crumpled.

017 Sapphire Lam Smooth Kiln Reeded.

018 Green Large Reeded Lam.

019 Green Broken Smooth.

020 Grey Kiln Smooth Reeded Silver.

021 Ruby Red Satin Silver.

022 Aquamarine Satin Silver.

023 Golden Light Medium Reeded.

024 Pink Silver Lam.

025 Pink Double Sided Medium Reeded.

026 Ruby Red Double Bevel Both Sides.

027 Deep Red Silver.

028 Deep Red Moonstone Reeded Lam.

029 Orange Chequered Clear Lam.

030 Orange No7 Antique Lam.

031 Yellow Moonstone.

033 Smooth Gold Leaf On Satin Uadi.

034 Uadi Spectrum.

035 Bronze Leaf Tree Bark.

Hand Fired & Re-formed Wall

Circular Silver mirror.
Kiln Fired Bronze Moonstone with Copper leaf.
Reverse Wide reeded with bronze leaf.

Antique Mirror Wall

We manufacture a very large and exclusive range of antique mirrors using traditional techniques.

From left-top to bottom-right.

  • 038 Bronze No 8 Antique.
  • 039 Bronze Mottled Antique.
  • 040 Silver Speckled Antique.
  • 041 New Black Satin Antique.
  • 042 Silver No 8 Antique.
  • 043 Silver No 7 Antique.
  • 044 Green Spectrum.
  • 045 Blue Spectrum.

Wow Pivot Door: Black Anodised

Glazed with Grey Satin Silver.
Glazed with Grey Satin Silver.
Rear Wall:
Sectional Burnt Edge Antique Mirror panels.

Black framed shower enclosure

Shower Frame & Door:
Toughened Grey Clear Glass.
Rear Wall:
Black Satin Glass.
Side Panels
Right side:
Grey Antique Leaf.
Left side:
Grey Spectrum Antique Mirror.

Polished Brass Shower
Frame & Door

Shower Frame & Door:
Medium Clear Reeded.
Rear Wall:
Medium Reeded Silver Mirror finish.
Side Panels
Right side:
Reverse Wide Reeded with Silver Antique leaf.
Left side:
16 Triangular Panels showing 4 types of specialised bevelling.

Faceted Feature Walls

These bevel edged panels and borders are faceted to create highly decorative and cool feature walls.

Left Hand Wall:
Satin Spectrum with 10mm bevel edges.
Silver Spectrum.
Right Hand Wall:
Grey Silver with 10mm bevel edges.
Grey Broken Smooth Leaf with 10mm bevel edges.